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  • I am looking forward to being at The Jonesborough story guild on Tuesday.

    Don White.

  • Hi Don, this is your friendly reminder that you are scheduled to tell a 10 minute story with the Jonesborough Storytellers Guild on Tuesday July 24th at 7:00. Please rsvp ASAP so we can put on social media. Thanks

  • Hey Don, Love your stuff. I share it with my friends.
    Good stories , good laughs .
    Thanks, Francis Furtak

  • Hello Don, I met you at TCAN in Natick and really enjoyed your songs and stories. I also bought your book, Memoirs of a C Student. What fun it is to read. You have great skill with words and there is a lot of wisdom in your book. Your writing style is sophisticated, entertaining as well as engaging. I would love to read more, especially about your life as a singer-songwriter. Your book has helped me to understand my role in writing songs. Keep up the great work and thanks. e-Awakeming.com

  • Don,

    I hope all is going well with you. It is always great to hear your voice and see that big smile. Continue to spread your joy!


  • I see you do shows in Maine. You need to come a bit further north to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I was introduced to your music on a CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) show called Weekend Mornings when they played “Be Sixteen with Me”. It would be great if you came to Canada.

  • I still think you should come to Michigan more often!

  • Want to see what several messages look like.

  • You are one of the funniest performers I’ve had the pleasure to experience. That Accordion Door Story gets funnier every time.

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