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"The audience went crazy for him. He's by far the best new performer I've
seen in a long, long time. Believe me, he's got it!" - Christine Lavin

The new DVD is here!  Click on image below for full view!

Don White new Live DVD

The Acoustic Alliance I CD featuring the version of "I Know Exactly What Love Is" presently being played on Pam Rossi's Over Easy radio program in Detroit Michigan and other radio stations around the country is now available at CDFreedom.

Don' s 1992 recording Two Vagabonds in Disguise featuring two duets with Maria Sangiolo and the original acapella version of "I know what Love is" recorded Live at the Old Vienna Kaffeehaus, has been digitally remastered and is now available on CD for the first time in five years at CDFreedom

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Check out the articles about Don's recent performance at
The Somerville Theatre in The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald

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The following is an  unsolicited testimonial from Bill who recently hired Don for a  private show.
Don makes this as easy as possible for his fans to do and  he loves to do it.

"We wanted to do something special and different for my wife's _0th birthday (a number evenly divisible by 10 that shall remain unmentioned), but we weren't sure quite what. After hearing about the gaining popularity of in-home concerts, she thought this was a great idea. But Garcia is gone, Talking Heads were no longer touring together and the drummer in Spinal Tap had that unfortunate gardening accident, so we were at a loss as to who could do this, no less how we should proceed.

Then, I heard Don White on good ol' WUMB one morning, and once I stopped laughing at his biographical ode to the fair city of Lynn, I thought "maybe this is it". I easily contacted Don's booking agent through a link on his web site, and over 2 or 3 emails, we resolved all questions. It was hardly any work at all.

Now I had my skeptical friends to deal with. "You're going to do what?" was the common reply. "You've never even seen the guy perform and you've invited him to your living room - are you crazy?" Let's just say that those  people have since purchased some of Don's CDs.

In a nutshell, Don is a pro and knows how to handle these situations. He did not try to be the focus of the event, but rather he was a highlight - an added bonus if you will - to an already fun evening. He worked the crowd well, focused his material for the audience at hand, and had us all rolling.  Even the most skeptical of my friends admitted that this was a great idea.  They're still talking about it.

Don's music and stories make us laugh and tug the heart strings at the same  time. This stuff is real. He made a special night very memorable and even more special. If you're wondering "should I do this?", take my advice: GO FOR IT!"

If you are serious about a private show we will try VERY hard to make it happen.  Give us a call (617) 539-3182 or We will do our best to bring it to you

For more testimonials and information on how you can hire Don for a private show,
go to the Private Performances Page!

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