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A Baby Monster and the Boy Who Did Not Like Pickles

A Baby Monster And The Boy Who Did Not Like Pickles

 Once upon a time there was a boy named Oscar who liked to eat pizza. He also liked peanut butter, cucumbers, tomatoes and apples but he DID NOT like pickles. He did not-not like pickles a little. He did not like pickles at all.

Every day Oscar’s mother walked with him through the scary Monster Forest to school.

Some of the people in the town told Oscar and his mother that Monsters were mean and bad but Oscar and his mom saw lots of them on their daily walks and even though these monsters were forty feet tall, very loud and very hairy they were always friendly to Oscar and his mom because monsters loved their children and they could see how much Oscar’s mom loved Oscar.

One day in the deepest, darkest, spookiest part of the Monster Forest they heard a sound they had never heard before. It sounded a little like a Monster growl but instead of the big loud GROWL they were used to hearing it was a high-pitched squeaky little growl. Continue reading