Love Letter to People Who Buy Music

A Love Letter to People Who Buy Music

By Don White

Have you lost weight?

You’ve been working out right?

Eating better?

Doing yoga?



What is it then? You look like a new person. You look twenty years younger. There is a youthful glow about you. I’ve never seen such a transformation in a human being in my life.

Wait. I know what it is.

You’ve been buying music from struggling artists.

That’s it! People who buy physical product or download music from musicians in these ridiculous times are finding the fountain of youth. It’s making them younger, smarter, more interesting and sexy … like I-need-a-minute-to-catch-my-breath sexy.

Do you remember the bad old days when music became free and everyone was streaming? … Boo. Those were dark times indeed. Musicians had only one way to make money and that was to put 40 thousand miles a year on a Toyota Corolla while cat napping in the unsanitary rest stops of America.

When the un-pious virus took our livelihoods away a forgotten segment of the world became strikingly more beautiful because they bought CDs, books and DVDs and downloaded music directly from their favorite artists.

Seriously, boys and girls, I’m doing better than many of my musician friends. My wife still has a job and I have some savings. Think about the artists you love who don’t have a partner that is still working. I guarantee you that artist has CDs or DVDs piled up in their house somewhere that you could purchase. Don’t have a CD player? Buy a CD as a gift for someone who does. Or go to the artist’s site and find out where you can download their music. We’re talking about a buck a song that will put 60 to 70 cents per song directly into the hands of these musicians you love. It’s a small thing you can do that will be a big help.

One more thing: There are so many places where you can buy or download music. Make sure you go to the artist’s website to see where they say you should go to purchase. Some sites don’t pay at all or pay less or pay quarterly or don’t pay until sales reach a certain number. If there is any question, I suggest contacting the artist directly.

It’ll make you georgeous-er and make you feel great.

Here’s my product purchasing info: If you purchase physical products (Books, CDs, DVDs) or if you download albums or songs from this link the money comes immediately to me. When you click the purchase button you will see a box with the word “contribute.” This is a tip jar. All physical products from this site are shipped by me from my house. I will autograph anything you buy. I will wear my hazmat suit when I put together your package. I will bathe in bleach before I touch your stuff.
Can’t wait to see you in person again.

Don White