Private Interactive House Concerts

Private Interactive House Concerts Now Available!

on Zoom or Skype.

Zoom and Skype were designed for business meetings and one-on-one conversations. The software was not designed for guitar and voice so getting a guitar and vocals performance to not sound like it’s being transmitted from the bottom of a swimming pool took a lot of time and energy but I figured it out.

I am now prepared to perform private shows for you on Skype or Zoom where  …

  1.  You get to pick the songs and stories that you want to hear.
  2.  You get to pick the time of day and the day of the week that works best for you. (If you live in Europe or Australia, I’ll get up in the middle of the night to put on a show for you during your day or evening hours.)
  3. For those of you who choose Zoom over Skype you can invite other homes to the concert. That means we can actually have a virtual house concert.
  4. I’ll build time on to the end of the performance to talk with you and your family as if I just put my guitar down and sat on your couch with you.
  5. I’ll be able to bring my own style of laughter and mischief … and hope to you through a medium that is interactive and doesn’t feel like you are watching a previously recorded event.
  6. We will send you detailed information in easy to understand language on how to get set up on Zoom or Skype. (It takes about two minutes.)
  7. We will do a sound and video test with you before the show so we know everything is good on your end.  
  8. I’ll be able to hear your laughter and applause. (That’s me presumptuously assuming that you will be laughing and applauding)

I am available to perform for you and whomever you are sequestered with for …  30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes

Each session will include conversation time after the performance or during a break.

No one will be priced out.

Make me an offer and I’ll make something happen for you. If you’re doing ok financially let me know what a full private concert of customized songs and stories is worth to you.

If you’re struggling financially, talk to Kirsten, – 781 486 3484. I’ll do something for you for whatever you can afford.

How about this: If you’re someone who is doing ok financially and you know one of my fans who is struggling and could use a little personalized cheering up you could buy them a 45 minute house concert as a gift.

I miss you. I miss performing for you. I miss shaking your hand and getting hugs from you. I am a performer. I prefer to hear and see the people I perform for. Invite me into your living room and I’ll take care of you.

Don White

If you are interested in learning more, call or email Kirsten: – 781 486 3484